Hello! I teach literacy and ICT to P5, P6 & P7 at Kirn primary school. I'm also a temporary principal teacher for the upper department. GSA illustration background and continue to do occasional lo-fi animation and life drawing. Book addict. Hot chocolate connoisseur. Wife to a film critic, mother to a baby. During my maternity leave I have become a proper house wife having learned to crochet, bake and knit. Part of Mosaic Church Glasgow.
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Happy birthday to me! A shiny new girl’s iPad! Ok, so how can I make sure Paddy (I got him on St Patricks day) is not just a pretty Twitter checker/expensive pictionary device? (Move over Boggle, Draw Something is my new addiction). Initially all I could find education-wise were a few gimmicky apps, nothing that … Continue reading

Purely Functional

Functional writing. Bo-ring. Every year I take a deep breath, try and tie it in to topic work and hope that it will be more inspiring to the kids than it is to me. Most children fall into two types: facty kids who like to write about what they know and imaginative kids who like … Continue reading

Gestation period

Coming to the end of my 11 months of maternity leave made me see that it’s been fantastic to get a break from teaching… in a good way! Teaching is such an all encompassing, all consuming job, that it’s hard to keep on top of lesson planning/marking let alone researching other things that are out … Continue reading

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