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Happy birthday to me! A shiny new girl’s iPad!
Ok, so how can I make sure Paddy (I got him on St Patricks day) is not just a pretty Twitter checker/expensive pictionary device? (Move over Boggle, Draw Something is my new addiction).

Initially all I could find education-wise were a few gimmicky apps, nothing that I could see myself just needing an iPad for. (NB I’m not talking about interactive textbooks as it needs to be apps for me to use rather than grubby children- when I get a class worth of devices I’ll blog again…!)

So the next question is what do I want to get out of it? Which leads to a wider question about smart boards: how can I use mine as more than a projector (which I feel the need to confess that all too often it is…). And wider still, integrating ICT with pupils in a truely meaningful way.

So from these big questions I have made 3 techno-aims for this term:
1) get kids word processing more. After a headache about how to manage this, I’ll set up a rota during writing time so that kids should get the opportunity to word process at least once a month. Alternate handwriting lessons with typing skills lessons.
2) record lessons using Paddy. My plan is to make my iPad into a mini lesson recorder- have learning intentions for display, take photos/notes/sound clips as they work and use these to reflect on during the plenary. This will require quite a shift in the way I work, but I think this approach will be particularly usefully during co-operative group work.
3) keep an eye out for useful apps and ways to use my IWB more. Suggestions welcome 🙂

In the meantime it’s my turn to draw…


About lornagallagher

Hello! I teach literacy and ICT to P5, P6 & P7 at Kirn primary school. I'm also a temporary principal teacher for the upper department. GSA illustration background and continue to do occasional lo-fi animation and life drawing. Book addict. Hot chocolate connoisseur. Wife to a film critic, mother to a baby. During my maternity leave I have become a proper house wife having learned to crochet, bake and knit. Part of Mosaic Church Glasgow.


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